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By Laura Fenton

Published Wednesday, October 14, 2009

CAHAWBA: Turn-of-the-century residents of Cahawba and Selma may not be around to tell their stories, but that doesn't mean their spirits are ready to leave yet.

And with a little help from guides, everyone can experience the ghostly history of the area.

The Haunted History Tours of Central Alabama is hosting two different tours of Cahawba and Selma for the third annual event on Oct. 16 and 17 to explore paranormal spirit activity.

Selma Times-Journal | Calling all ghosts

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By Karen Middleton

The reason ghost stories endure for generations is that folks enjoy being scared.

The willing suspension of disbelief for a few moments carries the promise of a delicious chill.

Local attorney and author Shane Black says this is especially true of Athens and Limestone County, from which he draws the tales that make up his book “Spirits of Athens.�

Black is awaiting a printer copy of his book, due in this week.
The News-Courier in Athens, Alabama - New book tells of local haunts

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The upstairs bedrooms and an unfinished room that separates the bedrooms were used as a hospital during Civil War.

"We were told that two wounded soldiers died in the house," Nancy said.

She thinks the soldiers may be the ghosts in the house.

"I have heard noises and voices," she said. "And so have people who have worked for me at the house."

The ghosts seem to be connected with the unfinished room, often called the hidden room or the "dungeon."

The Moulton Advertiser Archives News History festival takes center stage at Shelton House

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Experience Alabama's Haunted History in October | The Enterprise Ledger

"Montgomery, Ala. — Alabama’s haunted history comes to life in October with ghost trails, storytelling festivals, haunted trolley rides and ghost walks through historical neighborhoods.
Families can experience a variety of events and trails that pay homage to the state’s ghostly history."

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For those of you who remember Beverly's article on Quinlan Castle in the magazine that shall not be named, here is an interesting follow-up from The Birmingham News via


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